Tying Colours in Your Artwork to the Frame.

When it comes to showcasing artwork, choosing the right frame is just as important as the piece itself. Our team, at Impact framing Ltd, have successfully worked with Artists and Photographers, helping them select the perfect mounts and frames for over 20 years.

The frame can enhance or detract from the overall appeal of the artwork depending on how well it complements the colours. One effective way to ensure a harmonious balance is to tie the dominant colours in your artwork to the frame. By closely examining your piece and identifying the colours that stand out the most, you can select a frame that not only complements but also enhances the artwork. Let's delve deeper into this technique and discover how you can sync the colours of your artwork with the frame for a visually captivating display.

Identifying the Dominant Colours

Before you begin the process of matching your artwork with a frame, take a moment to look closely at the piece and identify the dominant colours that catch your eye. These colours are the ones that stand out the most and play a significant role in the overall aesthetic of the artwork. They may be the hues that evoke certain emotions or convey the intended message of the piece. By understanding the dominant colours, you can choose a frame that enhances the impact of the artwork.

Choosing Complimentary Mount Colours

Once you have identified the dominant colours, it's time to find a mount that complements and enhances the piece being framed. Looking for colours that are the same as the main colour of the piece can tie everything together whereas using slightly different shades of the main colour create a stunningly subtle contrast. If you are looking for something a little more unique and bold then try considering the use of mounts that are the same as less frequent colours incorporated within the piece. 

Balancing the Intensity

Another factor to consider when choosing a frame is the intensity of the colours in your artwork. If your artwork predominantly features bold, vibrant colours, you may want to opt for a frame with a more subtle or neutral tone. This will prevent the frame from overpowering the artwork and allow the colours to take center stage. On the other hand, if your artwork has a softer, more muted colour palette, a darker frame or one with a pop of colour and a bold design can add visual interest and make the artwork pop.

Experimenting with Frames

Don't be afraid to experiment with different frames to find the perfect match for your artwork. Choosing the perfect frame will not only enhance the overall look of the framed piece but will also ensure that you will love the final result. Considering frames that have a textured look or frames with different styles, such as traditional, modern, or vintage, to see which one complements your artwork's theme and style the best. 

Don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team here at Impact if you're struggling make a decision.

Showcasing Your Artwork

Once you have found the ideal frame, it's time to showcase your artwork. Hang it in a well-lit area where the colours can truly shine and be appreciated. Consider the surrounding decor and ensure that the frame and artwork blend seamlessly with the overall theme of the space. Whether it's a gallery wall or a prominent spot in your home, let your artwork be a reflection of your personal style and taste.


Syncing the colours of your artwork with the mount and frame can make a significant difference in how your piece is perceived. By carefully selecting a mount and frame that complements and enhances the dominant colours in your artwork, you can bring out the best in your creation and create a visually stunning display. 

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