How To Get Started

Professional Artists

  • Step 1 - Learn by exploring what we do

    We know there is a lot to take in and you may have many unanswered questions. That's why we encourage you to explore all that we have to offer you.


    Check out the Design Your Trademark Frame page.

  • Step 2 - Open an account with our team

    Contact our team and work alongside our partnership professional to open an account and access the discounts available to artists who join our ever growing creative community.

  • Step 3 - Create your trademark frame

    Develope your favourite combinations. In our many years of experience, we see the most success in the professionals that take time to tailor their frames to suit and compliment their style.


    Don’t hesitate to draw on our experience. Let’s work together on your individuality.

  • Step 4 - Your first order

    Congratulations on your first order. Now it’s time to place your order using your trademark framing style.


    After ordering, you’ll get a confirmation email and will receive an estimated shipping date. We aim to ship your frames within 10 working days.