Am I restricted to the mouldings that are shown on the Samples and Toolkits page?


If you have seen a moulding range that you love and want to offer to your clients, please let our team know! We can arrange for some sample to be sent to you and together we can develop your unique package.

Can the layouts be edited?


We have worked to design a wide range of layouts that suit all styles of frames. However, if you have a suggestion for a new layout, we would be happy to add it to our collection!

Which glazing option is best for the clarity and colour of my photographs?


AR = Anti-Reflective. Reducing glare by 99%

70% = 70% protection against ultra violet light effecting the contents of the frame.

Unlike standard picture glass which gives an extremely subtle dull to framed photographs, AR70% is crystal clear.

Experiment with our Glass Sample Box to see for yourself the differences in glass.

Do your print the images in house at Impact Framing?


All photographs are printed on 260gsm Pro Luster Paper, using our CANON image PROGRAF PRO-1000 Gicleé printer in order to produce the best quality image.


Are all your frames crafted in your workshop?

Yes! We can guarantee that your frame will be made with the hands of our expert framers.

We select, quality check, cut and pin your frame to order all within the walls of our workshop.

What are your mountboard specifications?

Across all products, we use acid-free, conservation grade mountboard.

Quality, 1400 micron thickness.

Whitecore mountboard to ensure no discolouring over time.


How do I place an order?

Orders are taken over the phone and placed with a member of our team.

All orders are taken over the phone in order to have a full understanding of the details of your order. This way, any special requirements can be discussed and clarified immediately.

Can you deliver direct to my client?


W understand your time is precious an therefore simplicity is key. For that reason, you can specify a clients address when ordering a frame to allow us to ship direct to them.

How long does delivery take?

We aim to get your order dispatched within 5 working days (Mon-Fri). Delivery usually takes place within three working days after dispatch.

My order hasn't arrived. What should i do?

All orders are sent using tracked delivery, so the first thing we’d ask is that you please check the tracking details included in your dispatch confirmation email.

Ordinarily, delivery should take place within five working days after dispatch but delays do occasionally happen. We’d kindly ask that you allow 10 days to pass before contacting us.

After this time, we’ll gladly investigate and help to resolve the issue.


Why should I open an account?

  • For cost reductions.
  • For order insights and updates.
  • View all previous orders.


No personal/business information is shared with or passed onto any outside party.